Why You Should Not Be Present At Your Open House

open house

As good real estate agents know, the seller should not be present when buyers are coming in and out in order to have a successful open house. Of course, there are many things that can make an open house unsuccessful but it is really bad news to have the owner there. Most owners will instinctively want to schmooze with potential buyers and they will probably eavesdrop on comments about minor issues and they might even argue with visitors about low-ball offers.

But doing these things is never a good idea and it is misleading and can have an extremely negative impact on selling your home. Here are some of the reasons why the seller should never be present at your open house.

Buyers Will Be Unnerved

It is important that everyone follow the rules when trying to sell a house. It will be impossible for buyers to be honest with their agent if you are listening to them. You should never insist on chatting with prospective buyers and holding an agent’s hand while you tell them how terrific your home is. This will not help the agent get a sale and it can even hurt the agent’s reputation. If other buyers hear that the agent is being dominated by the seller and not allowed to do his or her job, many prospective buyers will be reluctant to work with him or her.open house day

The Home Will Not Really Belong to Them

When the owner is not on the property for showings, a buyer is a lot more likely to buy the house. If it is normally hard for most buyers to picture themselves living in the home it will be pretty much impossible to do so if you as the seller are present. When the open house is empty, buyers can begin to envision themselves living in a beautiful, peaceful home with the people and pets they love. You, the seller do not belong in that homey picture.

It’s Easier to Leave Your Open House to Your Real Estate Agent

Go away during the open house and give yourself a treat such as a spa day, a day at the zoo with the kids or going to see a relative. Don’t just hover over the real estate agent. He or she knows how to handle the open house and they’re professionals. Give them the chance to do their job. They already know everything possible about the house so you don’t really need to be there. Without you, they won’t have to worry about what you might say or do when potential buyers are in your home.

It is never easy to sell a home. Anyone who has sold one will tell you that. Being at your open house is going to make everything much harder on the agent, you and most especially on the buyer! So stay away from your open house after you have followed the agent’s advice about how to make the open house fun and memorable. By concentrating on creating a great open house ahead of time and then going away, you will be able to get lots of great offers. Just don’t hurt your agent’s efforts as you go.

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