Tips For Promoting Real Estate By Using Pinterest

Link building is a tedious form of search engine optimization (SEO). It requires significant trial and error, creativity, and patience to generate relevant, high quality links from authoritative sites. As new websites are created and become trendy, new opportunities to generate links are also formed. One of these opportunities is

What is Pinterest?

Simply put, Pinterest is a social media platform that lets you save images from across the web. These imagines can include things that you find inspiring, you like, or you think are humorous. They might also include images that help people learn more about you. Pinterest is used by many people to collect recipes, plan their wedding, home decorating ideas, and much more. The major demographic of Pinterest is women, but the demographic is expanding as more people find out how fun and interesting Pinterest can be and make it relevant for their needs.

The three major components of Pinterest are:

•    Pins
•    Boards
•    Repins

A pin is an image that is added on Pinterest by “pinning” it with the “Pin It” button. It may also be added by uploading the image from your computer. Sets of pins can be used to create a “board,” which is usually centered around a specific topic, such as furniture, recipes, or even cats. When you “repin” an image, you are adding the image to your own Pinterest board after finding it while browsing the website.

It is easy to use Pinterest, which is part of the lure. However, the best way to fully understand the website is to play around with it and use it for yourself. Create an account and profile, and then start finding images to repin and create your own boards.

Using Pinterest As A Link Building Method For Real Estate

Unless you can intuitively see how Pinterest can be used for real estate, then you may not understand the connection between Pinterest and link building. By dissecting the repin method, you can see how Pinterest is an excellent tool for building links.

Why are repins a valuable link building tool?

To further understand repins, look to the Pinterest Help Guide. It becomes clear why repining is a valuable link building tool:

Whenever an image you pinned goes viral on Pinterest, meaning other people have repined it on their boards, you gain a source link each time the image is repinned on another person’s board.

How can you use Pinterest in real estate?

By now, you should have noticed the opportunity for using Pinterest as a link building tool for your real estate blog or website. If you have not noticed, do not worry, you will understand more by the time you finish this article.

The major opportunity or use of Pinterest is promoting your real estate images. Your goal is that other people will repin these images. Since this use is rather broad, here are specific ideas to help you generate engagement and interest in your real estate pins:

•    Celebrity homes for sale
•    Photos of popular communities
•    High-quality photos of exclusive neighborhoods
•    Luxury homes and properties
•    Available homes with artistic architecture
•    Homes with a unique or comical look
•    Ugly homes
•    Mansions and large estates

Although the list is short, it should be enough to offer inspiration and get you started.

TIP: When you tag and pin your images, consider what words and phrases people will use to find images on Pinterest, not what you believe they SHOULD be using for search terms. For example, “Luxury Beach Homes in Florida,” is more likely what someone would search for, as opposed to a specific address or location. Using long-tail search terms will factor into your link building later, but for now, it is too narrow for the typical user behavior.

Do Not Make Your Link Building Efforts Unnecessarily Complicated

A major advantage for professionals in the real estate market who want to utilize online marketing is there are plenty of relevant and unique topics to help generate content. Both images and video can be used as a marketing tool and be centered around various real estate themes or topics. These types of media are also easy to distribute around the internet, especially on social media platforms.

Pinterest is one of many tools where you can reuse content that has already been created. In this instance, high quality images of neighborhoods and homes.

Our best advice is to spend a significant amount of your marketing efforts in generating unique, high quality content, and then publishing it on your blog or website. Once it is on your website, you should reuse it on other social media platforms that are readily available, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc.

Best of luck with your link building efforts with Pinterest. I hope that these recommendations have been useful.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, always feel free to comment below.

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