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Anne Chadwick
Anne Chadwick

Anne Chadwick

Anne Chadwick Realty
is website which gathers small group of agents who are engaged in mediation, the purchase and lease of real estate. We are a young but very promising team who would like to show our real portfolio in whole new scale.

It is our pleasure to help you in finding a suitable apartment, house or premises.

We strive to give everyone a chance to finding adequate space for themselves. Discretion is guaranteed to all our customers. All information stored in our agency are considered trade secrets and nobody but employees who are committed to protecting the privacy of clients have no access data.

All real estate that we offer we receive directly from the owner or their authorized representatives and we are always available.

Owners provide initial multimedia presentation, a tour of the property, as well as advisory support.
Agents provide a reliable and serious presentation of their property to a number of potential clients.

The Agency shall draw up a contract with the consent of both parties between the lessee and the both sides.

In addition to mediation in the sale and lease of real estate, we provide additional services:

– Registration
– Insurance
– Cleaning of buildings and business premises
– Mediation in construction works

With respect,

Anne Chadwick Realty

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